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Κυριακή, 20 Απριλίου 2014


Born in France in 1961, I paint since 1981, mainly in watercolor, some landscapes barely suggested, sometimes abstract and in large size. The subject is just an excuse to work on light and to express my feelings. 

I suggest atmosphere and emotions by focusing me on the
essential expression. The execution comes after a long mental preparation. 

My way of working does not leave me time to think about when I put the color : at this point, I no longer think to technic, even if it is there, underlying and essential. I act by instinct, which allows me to concentrate on what I want to express. Transparent and light, watercolor can being strong…

Since 1984, I exhibited in national, international and solo exhibitions in France, Sweden and
Belgium where my work has often been awarded.

Prize of the jury in International Biennial of watercolor of Belgium 2011
Juror for the International contests (2012 & 2014) of international Watercolor Society (IWS)

Member of the Nordic Watercolor Society

The wound " (La blessure)watercolor, 64 x 101 cm

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