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Δευτέρα, 28 Απριλίου 2014


Born Athens, Greece, 1963. /Education 1985-1990 School of Fine Arts, Thessaloniki, Greece./Prof. Experience: 1991-pres. Art Teacher in Greek public middle schools. From 2005-pres., Member-Theater in Education Network Member - Bureau of Greek Arts -active membership in Panhellenic Union of Arts Teachers, Union of Educational Cultural Programs and organization of events pertaining to these two bodies. 2010-pres G.Secratary of SKETBE (Council of Visual Artists of Northern Greece). 

Theatrical Work: 2011 J. Prevert’s “Page of Writing,” Art  Performance with music by N. Martin. Athens, Greece. /2010 ‘’Parallel Worlds’’, Directing, videos, set design, costumes. Thess., Greece. /2007 “Dreams of a Virtual Reality”. Direction, videos, scripts. Thess. Greece./2005“9 Musical Paintings”. Art Performance. Direction, videos, set design, black theater. Thess., Greece. B’ Prise /2004 “The Passion” Art  Performance with music by P. Gabriel.

Art excibitions: 2013 Projects and Programs of Materialization (Images from Ideas of an Exhibition) Curator, Texts: Emmanuel Mavrommatis, ArtVideo ‘’Pathways’’/2012 Participation in ANAKATA 4 festival with the installation “My home,” Thessaloniki, Greece./ 2004 "99+1 Visual Artists", State Museum of Contemporary Art, Ap.V1, Port Want Thess. etc

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