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Τρίτη, 22 Απριλίου 2014


Keith has a love of buildings born from an earlier career in architecture and more recently in architectural illustration, with watercolour being the medium of choice for reasons of speed and convenience. He is entirely self-taught, both as an illustrator and artist.

But his paintings are quite separate from his illustration work. Although they share the same medium, with the former he is free to explore the medium to its limits without the constraints of a client’s wants and needs.
His approach is dynamic, applying paint at speed, moving and adjusting washes as he progresses. He uses colours for dramatic effect rather than trying to reproduce them literally, thinking mainly in terms of warm and cool, and often working with a simple triad of primary or secondary colours to achieve a full range of tonal values.

Watercolour is a medium of endless possibilities and he plays with it constantly, exploring different ways of applying and removing paint.

He is a Fellow of the Society of Architectural Illustration, exhibit locally and in London and demonstrating the art of watercolour to Art Societies and Universities in the UK. He is a demonstrator for Winsor & Newton.

He was invited to judge for the International Watercolour Society 2013 competition and his painting “La Sagrada Familia” was accepted into the Shenzhen Watercolour International Biennial, China.

Behind the facade, watercolour

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