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Τρίτη, 22 Απριλίου 2014


Recognized as professional painter by the Académie internationale des
Beaux-Arts (Québec), Francine Bouchard was also elected Signature Member
with the Société Canadienne de l’Aquarelle in 2012. Her style is very
personal and Francine Bouchard delighted audiences with her watercolour
paintings in many art exhibitions and symposiums. She won awards and honors, jury awards, people’s Choice Awards,  including First Prize, section
"Guests ", at the Société Canadienne annual juried 2012 Salon.

‘’I consider my favorite subjects with a very intuitive, spontaneous and personal brush ...  landscapes, animals, people, and urban scenes ... I like to break from routine and paint with my inspiration as a guide. All my paintings must generate an emotion.   An emotion that takes its full meaning in the eyes of the beholder . I want to capture an absolute luminosity , paint the essence of the subject to reach the maximum impact...  Finally, nothing is taken for granted, many things must be.

As soon as my main subject is elaborated and without unnecessary detail, the creative process begins. I like to take risks and I struggle against my impulsiveness, some shapes are found, others are forgotten and the whole process confirms my intuition.

The composition and the light gradually progress. At this point, the composition reflects the poetry which lives in me. This personal and nontraditional techniques and approach gives my work an atmosphere on the edge of the unreal.''

Le mal aimé 4, watercolour

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