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Πέμπτη, 10 Απριλίου 2014


A graduate from The Repin Academy of Fine Arts, Sterkhov has been serving his vocation of watercolorist for over 20 years.  As a devout ascetic of the watercolor technique, he has realized various projects to make it more available for all who are interested. 
On his Facebook page, watercolorists can share information about workshops, invite others to exhibitions and workshops, and view watercolor video demos. That noble idea of communication with keen watercolor lovers in the world has started bearing fruit. The vacuum of communication in watercolorinfospace is disappearing. The artists, sometimes in amazement, discover for themselves the creations of their fellow artists, and find their brush brothers who are close in spirit.

Konstantin directs his efforts to raise the prestige and level of watercolor in Russia. He collaborates with leading world art supplies manufacturers. By testing and announcing his tests results, Konstantin introduces leading brands` products to the Russian audience.

The instructional video demos by Sterkhov have been invaluable help for the art beginners. He has created about 50 video courses over the last 5 years, including a free series for his blog`s subscribers.
A talented watercolorist, Konstantin Sterkhov is constantly experimenting with material, finding available, simple ways of explaining how to master the water element. He is  improving himself by developing in his creation the realistic direction in the genre of psychological portrait. Connoisseurs of painting think much of his lyrical landscapes with water space in all its embodiments – from a vast raging sea, or sparkling reflections in a city pool, to a quite forest lake.

A spiritual strength for realization of his plans and fulfillment of his mission, Konstantin imbibes the wisdom of an ancient Indian teaching, practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation. That gives him an inner peace and balance that is so valuable in our world of anxiety. Indian ancient wisdom creates a harmonious foundation to his life and the spectator perceives it through the contemplative world of his watercolors.

As a tireless traveler,  Konstantin often visits different countries – sometimes as a workshop leader, a member of an exhibition or a jury board member at an International Biennial. Through new impressions and communication experience with foreign masters, new images of the modern world appear in Konstantin`s art. He embodies them in plots of his new themes` paintings, continuing his line of improvement and serving Art tirelessly.

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