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Δευτέρα, 31 Μαρτίου 2014


The unpredictable flow of the paint and the colours merging into each other attracted me to watercolour painting 30 years ago. Even now every painting is an adventure, a challenge between the pigments, the water and myself. I love the transparency. That offers the opportunity to create more depth in the colours because of the layers which  can be created. I look for atmosphere and mood in every subject I paint. Light and dark must play a game in all my creations.

I am a member of the Dutch watercolour society ACN and the Belgium AIB. In the past I have won a variety of prizes (of which three were first prizes) by art magazine “Atelier” . Last year a watercolour of mine came second in the Painting of the Year competition in Holland. My work has been exhibited in several locations: last year, amongst others, in Antwerp,  Mons ,  Amsterdam , Utrecht  and The  Hague. In 2013 I was the face of (and on) the  Talens water colour sets in the “ It’s Me “ campaign in 40 countries world-wide in honour of the Van Gogh Year (limited edition).

I have been a member of the jury in 2 watercolour contests of the IWS in 2012 and 2104.

I give watercolour workshops and art classes . 
You can find more of my Artwork at www.aquarieuwerts.nl

Against the light, watercolour, 37 x 49 cm

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