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Πέμπτη, 20 Μαρτίου 2014


A lover of drawing, I discovered watercolor in 1990 and I gradually developped a passion for the colors’game and the freedom with which the water disperses pigments and creates unexpected effects.

I'm looking mostly for atmospheres, highlighted in the first stage of creation, then, I give rise to the light in its full force by opposition with contrasts.

I strive to paint a range of topics to suit my interests: flowers, autumn leaves, rural and urban landscapes or marine themes.

I worked with the Belgian-Canadian master Roland Palmaerts, who appointed me Maître PALM'ARTS in May 2010.

I  was also 6 years long  president  of  the association Aquarelle Reims Evénement that works to promote watercolor by regular international exhibitions in REIMS, chief town of CHAMPAGNE.

Selected since 2008 for various international  exhibitions of watercolor  in Europe (France, Belgium, Greece and Bulgaria), I presented my works on several occasions  in Quebec and in the USA.

Nancy, watercolour

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