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Πέμπτη, 12 Ιουνίου 2014

Open Call - Results of the Jury

The results of the Jury are as follows
**name (in bold)  and selected painting(s) (in parentheses) for each artist**  :

Jurate Bucmyte    (Vilnius Hills) 

Pasqualino Fracasso (1. New York shapes, 2. Some little yellow cabs)

Manuel Garcia (1. Chagra, 2. Paso del tiempo)

Ghislaine Laurence (L'embellie)

Jayson Yeoh  (1. Accumulate13, 2. Accumulate14)

Albertas Krajinskas  (Curonian Landscape)

Liang Gang  (1. About Penang, 2. The most beautiful village in China)

R Mike Nichols  (Quorra by the gate)

Chanont  Wangpuchakane (MemorialBridge)

Yanlong  Song  (Recalling the Village)

Javier Zorilla (Calle de Madrid)

Chabault Denis (Catalane)

Rukiye Garip  (Teasel)

Griselle Sylvie (La petite tibetaine)

Morales Puigserver Anna (The girl in the flower dress)

Rygel May Hege   (My room)

Nicole Zeimet  (1. Cold morning, 2. Paris Pace du Tertre)

Chanthep Phatcharaphan  (1. Roses In The Afternoon, 2. Roses In The Morning)

Igor Sava   (1. Crimea, 2. San Marco)

Tam Kwan Yuen (1. Next Stop Milan, 2. Next Stop Milan)

Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz  (1. Bus stop II, 2. Bus stop III)

Ann Mc Cartney  (The cape 2)

Binnur Cavusoglu   (Lighthouse sile)

Chris Krupinski  (1. Oranges On A Quilt, 2. Pears And Stripes)

Daniel Napp  (Watergate on Dortmund Ems canal)

Suha Ozkoral  (Haydarpasa train station)

Wazir Naveed Ali   (1. Untitled 1, 2. Untitled 2)

Massimiliano Iocco   (The beach)

Conover Kathleen  (Towers of Cappadocia)

Dragojevic Boris    (Time)

Marjanovic Sasa   (1. Stairs, 2. Thinker)

Vujovic Silva   (Warehouse)

Ali Abbas Syed   (Lal ki sadda)

Peggy Stenmark  (Mining Equipment II)

Martine Vanparijs  (1. Peaceful, 2. Surprised)

Linda Baker   (Fractured light)

We have to state that the level of the submitted artworks was very high and it was very difficult for the jurors to make their selections. 

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