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Παρασκευή, 13 Ιουνίου 2014

Binnur Cavusoglu

According to me watercolor itself which is transparent and has got poetry inside, is the best expression technique compare to all kinds of art. It's full of surprises.
Transparency and liquidity of watercolor requires control therefore it races against time. Boats, harbors, sea, streets , fields, briefly everything that brightens with light constitute my themes.

Binnur Cavusoglu was born in Istanbul. After she completed her interior design education she had worked on hospital, hotel and restoration projects. Also she used watercolor technique in her projects which was the common expression technique in 80's.  she attended Isil Ozisik, Alvaro Castagnet and Joseph Zbukvic's workshops. 

In 2012 she won the outstanding prize with 'Haydarpasa Railway Station' which is sponsored by Bold Brush Faso. She also participated in local and foreign exhibitions. 

Lighthouse sile, watercolor

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