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Κυριακή, 18 Μαΐου 2014


Gerda Mentens did her art studies in Antwerp /Belgium and has been working as a teacher in Antwerp and as an artist since 35 years.
She teaches intuitive and analytical watercolour and drawing classes en seminars  in Belgium, the Netherlands and France.
Her work was exhibited in many national and international exhibitions, she won several awards, national and abroad.
Also she worked as a member of juries and her work was in several magazines.   
Her technic is full of light, contrasts and structures . She likes outdoor and indoor colourful themes: street views, working people, …
She has her own watercolour painting group: DUM PINGO VIVO: “as long I paint , I live…”.
She loves drawing and painting with watercolour, everyday!!!
And of course my first book with a lot of painting with watercolours and drawings!!!

Cafe Sport, watercolor

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