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Κυριακή, 18 Μαΐου 2014


Catherine De Ryck is a Belgian artist born in 1981.
She works and lives in Belgium.
After being trained by some of the best contemporary watercolour artists, she has developed her own mark, immediately recognizable and full of poetry and emotion.

The artist takes part in personal and group exhibitions in her own country and overseas:
•             Belgium (European Confederation of Watercolour Societies, European Academy of Arts, International Watercolour Biennial – Belgium, Salon de l’Aquarelle de Belgique, Printemps de l’Aquarelle de Libramont, Belgian Watercolour Institute ...);
•             China (Shanghai International Zhujiajiao Watercolour Biennial 2010)
•             France (Aquarell’Eure Festival, Confluences, Banyuls-sur-Mer Watercolour Biennial, Toulouse Watercolour Biennial, Narbonne Watercolour Biennial, European Academy of Arts in Paris, …) ;
•             Guest of Honour for the International Art Meeting in Brie (October 2012) ;
•             United Kingdom (Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours 2011 – 2013, Eden Court Exhibition for Camille’s Appeal in Inverness, Scotland, 2013 ;
•             United States (Pennsylvania Watercolour Society) ;
•             Canada (Academia XXI Gala, International Academy of Fine Arts in Quebec) ;
•             Greece (invited artist, SKETBE and Myro Art Gallery, 2012) ;
•             Italy (Tuscany Tour 2012, Fabriano in Acquarello 2013) ;
•             Portugal (Encontro Internacional de Aguarela Santa Cruz 2013) ;
•             Spain (Exposición Internacional de Acuarela in Roquetas de Mar - Almería 2013, Muestra Internacional de Acuarela Dos Hermanas 2012, Biennal de Nuevas Técnicas de Acuarela en Caudete 2012).
•             …

Exhibiting her works has won her several awards:
•             City of Brie’s Prize, 9th International Art Meeting, France, 2012.
•             Athena Prize of the Academia XXI Gala, International Academy of Fine Arts in Quebec, Canada, 2011.
•             Public Award, International Academy of Fine Arts in Quebec, Canada, 2010.
•             Winner of the Young Talents Contest, European Confederation of Watercolour Societies, 2010.
•             Finalist, Winsor & Newton Young Artist Award, Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours, 2010.
•             Vermeil Medal and Great Prize of the European Academy of Arts 2009.
•             Vermeil Medal, First Prize of Honour for the International Elite, Belgian Minister of Defense's Prize, City of Charleroi Cup, International Great Prize of Fine Arts in Wallonia (Belgium), 2007.
•             …
Public and private collections in Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom and in the United States.

She is a workshop instructor, a member of the Belgian Watercolour Institute and other art societies, and she officiates as a judge for art competitions.

Her work has been featured in several art magazines, including Pratique des Arts, The Art of Watercolour), Art’Issime, Plaisirs de Peindre, Peindre & Dessiner … and during TV interviews.

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