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Κυριακή, 18 Μαΐου 2014


Angela Barbi was born in Girona, Spain, she also lived for three years in The Netherlands as a child.

From a very young age she started drawing and painting, later on she received tuition in classical drawing and expressionistic painting, followed the anthroposophical school of Rudolf Steiner and Beppe Assenza that follow the theory of colour by Goethe. She recently visited the Goetheannum University in Basel, Switzerland, and was deeply inspired by the Works of art observed and the training offered. She has also followed training with Nicholas Simmons on several occasions. Her style is expressionistic and abstract as she's more interested in the effect and combination of colour than in depicting reality. However she's a great lover of portrait painting too.

For over 25 years she was a teacher at a secondary school, combining the painting with her teaching tasks. During those years she acted as the international coordinator of the EWE Project (European Work Experience Exchange) between Spain and Great Britain, following this activity with groups of Young adults for 8 years with Stockport (Manchester).

At present she manages her own business EPC ART COURSES that organizes watercolour painting holidays in Spain and other countries, tutored by several of the bestrenown watercolourists in the world.

She has exhibited in several collective and individual exhibitions in Spain, France and Turkey, she’s the member of a number of art societies and she has been a juror for the IWS International contests (2013 & 2014), the International Watercolour Society (IWS). She’s now the coordinator of IWS Spain and continues to collaborate with the other IWS delegations worldwide.

Original soul, watercolor

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